Tips To Consider When You Design Your Own Ring

Golden Engagement Ring with Diamond or moissanite. Jewelry backgroundMany couples are turning away from mass designed engagement and wedding bands in search of something that is unique to them. If you are one of those couples who wants to design your own ring, there are several important tips to consider before placing the order. Keep these tips in mind as the ring design process begins.

Choosing A Jeweler

Many reputable jewelers offer the opportunity to design your own ring using online design software. However, using this type of design technique should only be done if the customer is 100% sure that the company they are dealing with is a reputable one. Take the time to check out the jeweler’s reputation both online and through the Better Business Bureau. Rings are not an inexpensive purchase, so it is important that there is strong confidence that value for money will be achieved.

Next, the specific design of the ring needs to be considered. What stones are needed? What setting works best? What metal for the band? How big is the budget? All of these questions need to be answered before the final ring design can be completed.

Stones In The Ring

Stones in the ring play a big part in the amount of money that the ring will cost. Diamonds, for example, can range hugely in price depending on the four C’s. These describe the cut, color, clarity and carat of the diamond.

The cut of the diamond describes how it has been shaped to fit into the ring. The color refers to the different colors of diamond that are available. A chocolate diamond, for example, is cheaper than a completely clear, white diamond. The clarity of the diamond refers to the number of flaws that can be found in the stone, and the carat rating is used to measure the weight of the diamond.

If diamonds are out of the price budget to begin with, consider designing a ring that has other types of gems in it such as emeralds or rubies. Just because a ring does not have a diamond in it does not make it an inferior ring. Ring beauty is definitely an individual choice.

Band Metal

The two most popular choices for the metal of ring bands are gold and platinum. Gold comes in three color choices – rose, white, and yellow gold. Platinum is more expensive than gold because more of it will be needed to make the ring due to its density. While platinum is stronger than gold, it is also softer so will damage more easily. Keep these points in mind when making a choice about which band metal will suit the wearer’s lifestyle.

It is very important that the ring design suits the lifestyle of the wearer. For example, if they have a hands-on job, and they want one large stone as the ring centerpiece, then that stone needs to be well supported by ring claws so that the stone does not easily come loose.

If possible, make sure that an in-person meeting with the ring designer takes place. This is the best way to make sure that the ring being designed is 100% compatible with the ideas and daily lifestyle of the eventual ring wearer.