How To Make Necklaces The Easy Way

making a necklaceTo get started on learning how to make necklaces, you are going to have to collect a few basic supplies that you can actually find at just about any craft store or online shop. Some people look for glass, stone or even specialty beads that can be collected from a number of different shops. Along with that, you are going to need stringing materials, such as beading thread or flexible beading wire.

A good rule of thumb is to look for wire that contains at least 19 to 49 strands of stainless steel wire that is coated with nylon material. Strands that have less wire will kink too easily. Beading thread is a good option if you are going to be going with beads that are lighter in weight and you will also be able to find it in a number of colors. There are also options in silk cording that is available in a variety of thicknesses as well as colors, which is nice if you are hoping to have some of the stringing show through in the finished product.

Prior to cutting your stringing material, pre-determine the length that you want the necklace to be and then add anywhere between 4 and 8 inches so you have plenty of space to connect the clasp. Have one clasp ready, along with a pair of crimping beads and the beads that you are hoping to use for your necklace. Simply slide a small bead onto the threading material, crimp the end, then add another bead. Take one end of the clasp and place it on after the crimp bead, making a loop with the stringing material.

Take the end of your stringing material and put it through the clasp and then the bead/crimp/bead combination while using your crimping tool or pliers to crimp the bead into place. If you are using threading, you can put a dot of a bonding agent on either end to keep it in place. Then, choosing your beads, you can add your desired pattern to the necklace. Some people like to lay the beads out ahead of time to make a pattern prior to stringing.

Once you are happy with the selection of beads and you have them strung onto the necklace, you can use the other portion of the clasp and your bead/crimp/bead combination and close the necklace by crimping the second end. If all looks well, then you have an incredible necklace that you created to use for a gift or to wear as a part of your own jewelry collection.

The more comfortable you get with how to make necklaces, you are going to see that the possibilities will be endless when it comes down to everything that you can create. Not only are there endless options in materials but the combinations can make for incredible looks that will go well with any occasion. Before you know it, you are going to be an expert when it comes to making stunning necklaces.