Three Simple Designs For Homemade Jewelry

making a necklaceWhile there are many beautiful pieces of jewelry for sale at stores, nothing is as special as jewelry you’ve made yourself. If you don’t have a lot of crafting experience, you may think that making homemade jewelry is difficult. However, it’s actually an extremely simple process. Below, you’ll find three beautiful pieces of jewelry you can make on your own.

Handmade Bobby Pin Earrings

If you have a few extra bobby pins lying around, you can make a beautiful set of showpiece earrings. In addition to the bobby pins, you’ll need some craft wire, earring hooks and nail polish.

Take the bobby pins and paint them with the nail polish. You can paint them with a design, or paint each bobby pin with a different color.

Once the polish has finished drying, take two pieces of metal wire and twist them together. Slide the bobby pins over the twisted wire. Use the wire to connect the bobby pins to the earring hooks. Loop the wire around the hooks until they’re fully attached. Cut of the excess wire and your earrings are ready to wear.

Easy Washer Necklace

While most people buy jewelry-making materials at a craft store, you can make this necklace from materials you’ve obtained at the hardware store. All you need are ten 10 mm washers, 12-10 mm jump rings, pliers and a necklace chain. You can also add some color to your necklace with nail polish.

Form a design with the washers. Start with a single washer, then place two washers above it. Place three washers above that row and add two more washers going upwards on both sides. When you’re happy with the design connect everything together using the jump rings.

Use two more jump rings to connect the completed washer pattern to the chain. You’ll want to connect the washers on both sides, linking the necklace from the top-most washers. After that, your necklace will be ready to wear. No one will believe you made such a stylish piece from materials you picked up at the hardware store.

Copper and steel rings to measure the size of a finger.Easy Rope Bracelet

A simple rope bracelet is the perfect piece of jewelry to wear during the summer. They’re also one of the easiest pieces of jewelry to make. All you need is a thick piece of rope, a thin piece of rope, crimping beads, and a charm.

Wrap the thick piece of rope around your wrist to decide how long your bracelet should be. You should cut the rope about two inches longer than you want the finished product to be. Cut two pieces of rope.

Loop the two pieces of rope together and secure them with the crimping beads. While attaching one of the crimping beads, loop the thin piece of rope underneath it so that you’re left with a small circle.

Attach the charm of your choosing to the other side. To secure your bracelet, simply wrap the thin loop of rope around the charm. That’s all it takes to make this stylish and charming-looking bracelet.

As you can see, it’s easy to make homemade jewelry. Give these three simple projects a try and you’ll be amazed by the results.