How to Make Earrings: An Easy Guide

handmade colorful of various form decorative earrings jewelry sold in outdoor fair market.While there are all kinds of earrings available at jewelry stores, it’s hard not to cringe when you see their prices. You may have wanted to learn how to make earrings on your own. Making homemade earrings is incredibly simple when you know what you’re doing. Give these easy projects a try.

Handmade Tassel Earrings

If you’ve ever seen upholstery tassels at the store, you may have though that they would make a nice piece of jewelry. You can turn them into beautiful earrings with some rhinestone rim, earring hooks, craft glue, jump rings, and a needle and thread.

Wrap the rhinestone rim around the top of the tassels to see how long in should be. Cut the rim, and then use the glue to attach it to the top of your tassels. Use the needle in thread to secure the rim further.

Push the jump ring through the top of the tassel, and use it to connect the tassels to the earring hooks. After that, these earrings will be ready to wear.

Simple Fabric Button Earrings

If you have a few scraps of pretty fabric lying around your home, you can make some gorgeous basic earrings. In addition to the fabric, you’ll need earring backs, a button cover kit, and some glue.

Use the button cover kit to attach the fabric of your choosing to the buttons. If you use a printed fabric, try to make sure the two buttons you cover have a uniform appearance. Glue the earring backs to the buttons, and they’re ready to wear. You can make this project even simpler by buying buttons that are already covered in fabric.

Paperclip Earrings

You probably have plenty of paperclips lying around your house, but it’s likely you never knew you could turn them into a stylish pair of earrings. All you need are two paperclips, glue, some thin colored string, jump rings, and earring hooks.

Bend the paperclips until they’re both in a triangle shape. Glue the ends together so that the paperclip is no longer open.

Once the glue has dried, wrap the thin string around the paperclip. You can wrap it around evenly, or create some kind of design. Once you’re finished, secure the string and cut off any excess. Attach the jump ring to the top of the paperclip, and secure the triangles to the earring hooks.

Easy Feather Earrings

Feather earrings are very trendy right now, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a pair. If you know how to make earrings, you can create them yourself. All you need are feathers, earring hooks, jump rings, glue, and a small piece of chain.

handmade jewelry for saleCut your chain into six pieces of three different sizes. Then, cut six pieces of feather. These can be whatever size you’d like. Use the glue to attach a piece of feather to each chain.

Once the glue has dried, add three pieces of chain to each jump ring. Secure the ring to the earring hooks, and your feather earrings will be ready to wear.