How to Make Rings from a Silver Coin

Hand Holding Old Silver DollarJewelry making is a very popular pastime but many people may be skilled in the art of making earrings and necklaces, not so many people know how to make rings. It is possible to make a beautiful silver ring using nothing more than a silver coin, some basic tools and a rather small amount of time and patience.

The first thing to do is to locate a silver coin. The problem here is that many “silver coins” are not made of silver at all. In the United States the coin you choose will need to date from 1964 or before. Silver looking coins from after this date may look like silver and be easier to shape but the copper and other metals used in their manufacture will oxidize on your fingers.

A half dollar coin is sufficient to make a silver ring large enough for a man and a quarter will be perfectly sufficient to make a woman’s ring. These are available for just a few dollars.

When you have your coin, you should start to tap it around the diameter which will make it smaller but the edge of the coin will be wider. Hold the coin between your finger and thumb, then tap it with a large spoon or hammer against any hard surface. Keep on tapping until the diameter of the coin is the right size for the size of ring you want to make. You will need patience – this could take a few hours to achieve.

After you have finished tapping the silver coin you should put it into a vice and drill a hole through the center of it, allowing it to get hung onto the bit of the drill. You can then use 200 grit sandpaper to remove the majority of the tooling marks, using an adjustable speed drill as the coin spins around the bit.

Take your time and progressively decrease the sandpaper you use to 400 / 500 and then even 1000 / 1200 grains. Widen the hole in the center of the ring with a hand file or Dremel tool. A Dremel sanding barrel can be used to clean up the center of the ring until it is sanded and smooth.

Now for the finishing touches. Wedge the silver ring back onto the drill bit using cloth padding inside the ring. Spin the ring around slowly while polishing it with a compound using a soft, clean rag. This should give a nice shine to the ring, leaving it perfect for wearing, enjoying and showing off.

Now you know how to make rings from a silver coin. If your chosen coin isn’t very shiny you can always polish it up before you start using vinegar or some other sort of cleaning solution. Remember not to try to rush any of the procedures – take it slowly and you will benefit from superior results. If you try to rush your coin could start to warp and even fold over in half.