Designing Jewelry To Start A Business

Young Woman Making Jewelry At HomeDesigning jewelry has become a popular pastime for many people today. However, there are also people who have created a lucrative business out of their homes by designing their own jewelry and selling it out of their homes, at flea markets and even, online. There are a few tips that they will want to follow when starting their own jewelry business. Read on for a few of them.

Register with the Proper Agencies

If jewelry designing is only a hobby, then you won’t need to register with state and local agencies. If however, the person who wants to open a jewelry business would like to sell on a large scale, it is important to get a business license. The local chamber of commerce should have all of the appropriate paperwork, which needs to be filled out and filed before the business get off the ground.

Study Trends

If a person wants their jewelry designing business to be successful, it is important to study the trends. Finding out what is selling in today’s market is important if they want the business to be a roaring success. It is best to know what the celebrities are wearing and what the latest and most hip jewelry shops are selling. The product should be unique and hold appeal for as many people as possible.

Know Your Market

Anyone who has a jewelry design business knows that making jewelry is an art form. It is important to make pieces that appeal to a variety of age groups and different mindsets as well. It is best to make pieces and form collections, since grouping different pieces together will ensure that the jewelry appeals to many different people in varying lifestyles.

Create a Website

Creating a website to display the jewelry is one of the best advertisements around. Try to find an inexpensive website package that will help to create a simple, professional looking site that displays the pieces. Make sure to put plenty of pictures and all-important information on the website, as well.

Hire a Professional Photographer

While it may be tempting to take amateur photographs of the jewelry to put on the newly created website, it is best to invest the money to hire a professional photographer. It is important to capture the elegance, originality and beauty of the pieces that have been created. A professional photographer is trained to show the jewelry in the best light possible.


Starting with family and friends is the best way to advertise a jewelry business. Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement around. Getting the word out there on social media sites is also the way to go. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are worth the effort if someone wants their jewelry business to be a success.

These are just a few tips to help someone get their jewelry business started and off the ground. Designing jewelry is a hobby that many people have come to enjoy; however, it can be a lucrative business as well.

How To Make Necklaces The Easy Way

making a necklaceTo get started on learning how to make necklaces, you are going to have to collect a few basic supplies that you can actually find at just about any craft store or online shop. Some people look for glass, stone or even specialty beads that can be collected from a number of different shops. Along with that, you are going to need stringing materials, such as beading thread or flexible beading wire.

A good rule of thumb is to look for wire that contains at least 19 to 49 strands of stainless steel wire that is coated with nylon material. Strands that have less wire will kink too easily. Beading thread is a good option if you are going to be going with beads that are lighter in weight and you will also be able to find it in a number of colors. There are also options in silk cording that is available in a variety of thicknesses as well as colors, which is nice if you are hoping to have some of the stringing show through in the finished product.

Prior to cutting your stringing material, pre-determine the length that you want the necklace to be and then add anywhere between 4 and 8 inches so you have plenty of space to connect the clasp. Have one clasp ready, along with a pair of crimping beads and the beads that you are hoping to use for your necklace. Simply slide a small bead onto the threading material, crimp the end, then add another bead. Take one end of the clasp and place it on after the crimp bead, making a loop with the stringing material.

Take the end of your stringing material and put it through the clasp and then the bead/crimp/bead combination while using your crimping tool or pliers to crimp the bead into place. If you are using threading, you can put a dot of a bonding agent on either end to keep it in place. Then, choosing your beads, you can add your desired pattern to the necklace. Some people like to lay the beads out ahead of time to make a pattern prior to stringing.

Once you are happy with the selection of beads and you have them strung onto the necklace, you can use the other portion of the clasp and your bead/crimp/bead combination and close the necklace by crimping the second end. If all looks well, then you have an incredible necklace that you created to use for a gift or to wear as a part of your own jewelry collection.

The more comfortable you get with how to make necklaces, you are going to see that the possibilities will be endless when it comes down to everything that you can create. Not only are there endless options in materials but the combinations can make for incredible looks that will go well with any occasion. Before you know it, you are going to be an expert when it comes to making stunning necklaces.

Three Simple Designs For Homemade Jewelry

making a necklaceWhile there are many beautiful pieces of jewelry for sale at stores, nothing is as special as jewelry you’ve made yourself. If you don’t have a lot of crafting experience, you may think that making homemade jewelry is difficult. However, it’s actually an extremely simple process. Below, you’ll find three beautiful pieces of jewelry you can make on your own.

Handmade Bobby Pin Earrings

If you have a few extra bobby pins lying around, you can make a beautiful set of showpiece earrings. In addition to the bobby pins, you’ll need some craft wire, earring hooks and nail polish.

Take the bobby pins and paint them with the nail polish. You can paint them with a design, or paint each bobby pin with a different color.

Once the polish has finished drying, take two pieces of metal wire and twist them together. Slide the bobby pins over the twisted wire. Use the wire to connect the bobby pins to the earring hooks. Loop the wire around the hooks until they’re fully attached. Cut of the excess wire and your earrings are ready to wear.

Easy Washer Necklace

While most people buy jewelry-making materials at a craft store, you can make this necklace from materials you’ve obtained at the hardware store. All you need are ten 10 mm washers, 12-10 mm jump rings, pliers and a necklace chain. You can also add some color to your necklace with nail polish.

Form a design with the washers. Start with a single washer, then place two washers above it. Place three washers above that row and add two more washers going upwards on both sides. When you’re happy with the design connect everything together using the jump rings.

Use two more jump rings to connect the completed washer pattern to the chain. You’ll want to connect the washers on both sides, linking the necklace from the top-most washers. After that, your necklace will be ready to wear. No one will believe you made such a stylish piece from materials you picked up at the hardware store.

Copper and steel rings to measure the size of a finger.Easy Rope Bracelet

A simple rope bracelet is the perfect piece of jewelry to wear during the summer. They’re also one of the easiest pieces of jewelry to make. All you need is a thick piece of rope, a thin piece of rope, crimping beads, and a charm.

Wrap the thick piece of rope around your wrist to decide how long your bracelet should be. You should cut the rope about two inches longer than you want the finished product to be. Cut two pieces of rope.

Loop the two pieces of rope together and secure them with the crimping beads. While attaching one of the crimping beads, loop the thin piece of rope underneath it so that you’re left with a small circle.

Attach the charm of your choosing to the other side. To secure your bracelet, simply wrap the thin loop of rope around the charm. That’s all it takes to make this stylish and charming-looking bracelet.

As you can see, it’s easy to make homemade jewelry. Give these three simple projects a try and you’ll be amazed by the results.

Creating Treasures With Jewelry Making Kits

Jewelery making different tools isolated on whiteWhen you are looking to create something special, a quality kit for making jewelry can be a wonderful tool, not only for experts but also beginning beaders or aspiring jewelry makers. Each of the kits that you will find is created to suit color choices, the theme, the materials or to just make something special for fun. The next time you are looking to brighten up your own wardrobe or you are looking to give something special and handmade, you are going to see that choosing the right jewelry making kits will be a great option.

Jewelry making is truly a form of art and the more that you practice it, the better you will become at the craft. When you are just starting out, you are going to get a great deal of help simply by picking out the right supplies. The best jewelry kits will help you to make the most beautiful gifts and pieces of jewelry, while also making your entire learning experience truly enjoyable. Whether you are making jewelry for yourself, for friends, to give to family members or even to sell, the right supplies will help.

As you look for the best jewelry building kits to suit your needs, you will want to shop to fit within your budget while still looking for the style that you are hoping to work with. If you are hoping to make a profit from selling your creations, keeping your costs as low as possible will allow you to get quite an incredible return. Knowing what to look for in the different kits will help you to have everything that you need all in one place.

Depending on what you may already have on hand for jewelry making, you might need to gather some of the basics before you start. These basics will include wires, cords, beads, spacers, hooks, clasps, pliers, cutters and scissors. If you are looking to make more involved pieces, you can look into buying silver or gold chains, especially if you are trying to make bracelets or necklaces. However, more affordable options will be wires and cords when you are in the beginning phases of learning.

An organizer full of multi colored beads and tools for making jewelry and crafts.Shopping around will give you the best possible selection for complete jewelry making kits with the internet being an incredible resource for everything involved in the creative process. Not only can you shop for your jewelry making supplies online, but you will also find a good amount of how to blogs, videos, and tutorials including lots of pictures and more.

Depending on the jewelry building kits that you buy, you may even be able to take advantage of booklets that come included in the kit that will have step by step instructions on how to make all different pieces. Before you know it, you will be well on your way to knowing how to make all sorts of different pieces of jewelry that you can cherish or share with others.